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Hey, im an amatuer drummer looking for some cymbal advice.
I have almost no income, but i get money here and there.

I have a group of Zildjian ZHTs.

They are amazing for the music i play, trashy, but controllable. I play mainly death metal, metal, classic rock.

I have a 20' Medium Ride, 16' Medium Crash, 16' China, 14' Rock High Hats, and a 10' Splash

I am looking to expand my cymbal collection vastly, im looking at a Paiste Alpha Crystal Crash Cymbal, probably 16 or 18 inches.

Would this be a good investment for the music i play? i know most of you have alot more expierience then i do.
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well ive always found stagg DH or SH to b a good cymbol, thin and trashy sound but loud enough to sound nicly behind loud electic and thei r relativly cheap, so good on a tight income, dont buy SH splashes tho, i had 2 of them for about 2 months and i quite literally put my stick thru them both
but yeah stagg SH or DH r heand made and very nice on a tight income
billyhydes r the only ones i no with them tho
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if getting stagg id advise spending a bit more money and getting there Furia or Myra cymbal ranges they are top end of stagg cymbals. or if you want go for there vintage range. the SH DH stuff sounds good but not very durable. stagg splashes rule. :D
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