how to stop cymbals cracking

Where to buy, how to cleaning etc...

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I've heard from a lot of people that cymbals with a "brilliant" finish are much easier to crack. I don't know why, but it seems to be more common.
I also talked to a guy (Derek Roddy actually) who used to inspect broken cymbals for Sabian to see if they were covered by the warranty. One key thing I learned from him is to never set a cymbal down on its edge (which I never did) and to check for marks on the edge when you buy it from the store because the employees will abuse them before you buy them and there's no way to account for that when they break, so just don't buy them. He also said to play thin to medium weight cymbals and thinner sticks. The thicker the cymbal the less it will bend and give under a force, making it more brittle. A thinner cymbal will give before it will break (now if you go too thin, yeah, you'll just leave a stick shaped hole in it). Same with sticks. A thicker stick, like the VicFirth Metals that I used to use or metal sticks (probably graphite too), will not bend when you hit the cymbal which will transfer all of the force into the cymbal...not good. Thinner wood sticks will bend a little when you hit the cymbals, keeping some of the "bad mojo" from wrecking your cymbals.
I had cracked 7 cymbals up to the point of talking to this dude and I haven't cracked any since I talked to him about 6 or 7 years ago.
I've seen one cracked K Custom and I don't think I've ever seen a Z Custom that wasn't cracked (except in the store).

Mapexkiller wrote:All i did to take care of the problem was to make my cymbals out of iron. You do go through a lot of sticks though...

I actually thought about doing this before.
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cymbals crack. you can have fluke bad batch cymbals it happens ive had three bad batch cymbals in a row its just what happens.

for the guy who sauid hand hammered is less lickly to break... there is more stress on a hand hammered cymbal from imperfevction on each hammer. so yuou gett parts with alot of stress on them and parts with less. those are the most inconsistent cymbals but give a unique sound. and no everycymbal will not crack its how you play it. ive had a cymbal passed down for about 40 years now. and its on my kit that i play everyday. if you break cymbals all the time stop playing how you do. an occ problem i have is that every cymbal badge must face me when i play which then leads to me playing one area of the cymbal this is very bad dont do this. make sure you turn your cycmbal around a little dependinhg on how much you play it. so you arnt getting stress curves in the cymbal. if you do what i do y9u can take the cymbal and see that it qwill curve down on the point you hit most.

anfd to the guy above k cymbals are made with a different formula of copper and iron given them their sound and strength.
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if you're breaking cymbals you're definetly playing wrong. and if you're just beating the cymbals now and cracking them chances are you're playing with very little or no technique and although its just your cymbals breaking now just wait until the hand and wrist and back troubles come down the road from playing wrong and doing it so hard. i know a lot of people think its all about hitting hard and just beating your kit up but that is a very novice approach to drumming. the guitarist in my band can sit behind a drum kit and beat it. i've been drumming for over 7 years and im a semi hard hitter but my arms arent flying above my head or anything and i've only ever broke 1 cymbal and it was a top hi hat i've played on for about 4 years. you're ability as a drummer isn't measured by volume. and if you really need to beat your cymbals to have them heard maybe you just need to select a differant cymbal.