Paiste 2002 Power Crash

Where to buy, how to cleaning etc...

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I'm having trouble shopping for cymbals because all the local stores here in and around my area seem to not have much in the way of variety.

I jammed on some Zildjian Z3's and Sabian AAX crashes that I thought were good, but I have a friend who can order Paiste at cost with no tax somehow. (in other words, great deal) Unfortunately, I can only find Alpha's in the store, and I'm not digging them. Too trashy imo.

On Paiste's website however, I was liking the 2002 Power Crash quite a bit. Any have any experiences they can share? I'm afraid to just go off the sound bites on their site because it might sound different in person. I'm looking for a thicker cymbal for durability, and for playing really loud live shows (metal band). But I don't like trashy or gongy sounds.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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In other words, if it sounds good on their website, can I be fairly certain it'll sound good in person?
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I personally wouldn't buy any cymbal unless I could hear it in person. That being said, I understand the the Paiste website has the most accurate sound files of the big three companies. I don't own any Paiste cymbals, I'm more into Zildjian and Sabians.

Maybe someone on this forum might own the cymbal that you're talking about.

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you can trust the sound. they are very accurate.
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If you can afford em, I would recommend the signature power crashes. I own the 18 in model and it is a really good cymbal.
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