Black Label 2oo2 Serial Number help!!

Where to buy, how to cleaning etc...

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I just wanted to get an idea of how old my cymbals are

I have an 18" 2oo2 black label CRASH which has been cut down to a 15" in the past not to sure when. The serial number for that is what i think reads 000466 or 009466 there is a line through the third digit hence im not sure if its a 0 or 9.

The other cymbal is a 20" 2oo2 black label RIDE which looks to clean to be an original so i think it is one of the reissues, anyway the serial number for that is most definatly 733518

any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
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18" = 1980
20" = 1977

If the 20 was a re-issue it would have a longer serial number
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i have a 22" ride black color sound... i know its from 1987.. im selling it also for 100 bucks.

hit me up on AIM if u want pics.. it sounds amazing