Post your cymbal set up

Where to buy, how to cleaning etc...

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Post Mon Sep 25, 2006 2:02 pm

13" Zildjian A custom mastersound hi-hats
16" zildjian K custom dark session crash
17" zildjian A custom projection crash
18" zildjian A custom china
14" zildjian oriential china
10" zildjian A custom splash
20" Paiste rude ride
Jim Freak
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My cymbal set up is not the best but is all i can afford:

16'' Zildjian ZXT Medium Crash
18'' Zildjian Planet Z Crash Ride
16'' Headline Percusion Crash
10'' Sabian Pro Splash
14'' Sabian B8 Hi- Hats
20'' Zildjian ZBT Ride
14'' Camber Hi - Hats (I used them closed with a clamp)
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Mark Christopher
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Cymbals are all Sabian except for a 10" Wuhan Splash and 12" Splash.

13" AA Regular Hats and 13" AA Fusion Hats
2- 16" Paragon Crashes
18" HH Fierce Crash
18" Vault
16" AAX Dark Crash over 18" AAX Dark Crash
10" Wuhan over a 12" Wuhan
18" Paragon Crash
18" AAXplosion Crash
16" AA El Sabor Crash
22" Paragon Ride
18" AA China
20" HHX China
10" Max Stax Mid
3-Terry Bozzio Cup Chimes
3-Cymbal Discs
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I use Sabian Cymbals and Wuhan Chinas.

10" Wuhan China
18" Wuhan China
13" Sabian AAX Fusion Hi-hats
18" AAXplosion crash (freakin sweet)
18" AA Metal-X crash
21" AA Metal-X ride

It's a good set up.
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session drummer
session drummer
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Zildjian 16" A custom projection crash
Meinl 8" classic bell
Sabian AAX - 16 & 18 stage crash
- 10 & 12 splash
- 15 & 19 xtreme chinas
- 14 dark crash
- 14 Xcellerator Hi Hats
AA - 20 Metal X ride
thats all i have atm :D.
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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Paiste 2002
-16" crash
-18" crash
-21" crash
-18" novo china
-20" china
-10" splash

Paiste Rude
-24" ride
-17" crash
-18" china

Paiste Dimensions
-14" rock hats
-20" china

Paiste's I'm trying to acquire
-13" flanger bell
-13" mega cup chime
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session drummer
session drummer
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Raider05 wrote:Paiste 2002
-21" crash

wow, special order?
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I Also Endorse Saluda And Heres my Setup Left to right
20"Voodoo China
14"Mist Rock Hi Hats
6"Expressions Bell
10"Mist Splash
16"Mist X Crash
18"Mist X Crash
14"Mist X China With 3 Rivits
19"Mist X Crash
24"Mist X Big Bell Ride
24"Earthworks China
18"Earthworks China
20"Mist X Crash
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Hey Paul, how are the new Earthworks? I've been rather curious about them, but haven't talked to Jamie in a couple months.
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Rob Crisp
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groove master
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Sabian 8" AA Splash
Zildjian 14" A Custom Mastersound hats
Zildjian 16" A Custom Crash
Zildjian 18" Avedis Thin Crash
Zildjian 20" A Custom Mediuim Ride
Zildjian 20" K Custom Dry Light Ride (the baby)
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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SABIAN: 14" AA sizzle hats
10" cymbal disk
17" AA rock crash
17" AAX studio crash
18" AA rock crash
18" AAX metal crash
21" AA rock ride w/custom HH bell
20" Zildjian medium crash
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Hi, my 1st post. Wow, some of you have a LOT of cymbals! I have:

16" Zildjian Medium Crash
14" Paiste 404 Hi-Hats
22" Zildjian Rock Ride
16" Paiste "Dimensions" Medium Crash
6" Zildjian Splash
4" Paiste 2002 accent chime
2" Paiste 2002 accent chime

The 16" Paiste dimensions m. crash I just bought but may be too heavy for me. I fell for the clean sound at the store and Had to buy it that second, but married with my other crash, it is too low in tone. I may sell it on ebay in a day or 3. Let me know if anyone is interested.

I teach drum lessons privatly part time. (I'm not 'that' good!)
Advice that I can give on cymbals (not much, but...) - especially to the kids-
don't worry about sticking to one brand name (you are not
endorsed yet!- When you are, then you can switch!) - just go
with the SOUND that you like. Even if it is "K-mart" brand bought
at a yard sale.
Audio Engineers live by this: "The better you sound, the better
you will play." So as long as it sounds great to you.
Nice to meet ya'll.
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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Nice to meet you too!
Welcome to the forum! :D
(I haven't been around here for too long myself either, but I warn you; This forum is highly addictive for a drummer! :wink: )
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Meinl 8" Classics Powerfull Bell
Meinl 14" Amun Poweful Hihats
Meinl 16" Amun China
Meinl 18" Amun Medium Crash
Meinl 18" Amun Powerful Crash
Meinl 20" Amun Big Bell Ride
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Stoned Gerbil
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10" Zildjian A Splash
12" Zildjian A Splash
16" Zildjian A Crash
18" Zildjian K Thin Dark Crash
19" Zildjian Oriental Sound FX Thrash Crash Of Doom
20" Zildjian K Dark Crash
22" Zildjian A China
14" Zildjian A New Beat Hi-Hats
20" Zildjian A Ping Ride
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