Help tuning my pork pie

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I have a pork pie acrylic lite and it sounded great until I changed heads. (oh and when my cousin came over and uhh messed with the tension rod) I put on an evans genera and now it sounds dull. Is it the new head or idk if I tuned it wrong but i tried re-tuning it many times. And also how do you know how much tension to put on the snare wires. I just can't get it too sound good
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Tuning for many drummers isn't exactly a science. Since we're all different, and we all have different ears, we're all shooting for different sounds when we tune. Maybe the new head sounds dead because it's NEW. Play on it for a few more days until it's broken in. Or if you're gutsy, you can place your snare on the ground and put your full weight on the batter head to stretch it. There's other ways of "breaking in" your heads. You could tighten the head as tight as it will go. Let it sit for a bit then come back, completely take off the head and start from scratch with putting it back together and tuning. Don't take my word for it though. Personally I don't like standing on my heads, I just tighten them up. You get a lot of snapping and popping, but down worry about that, it's just the glue. As for the tension on your snare wires, EXPERIMENT! Try a bunch of different things until you find the sound you want.

If you'd like a more "scientific" approach to tuning, then I'd suggest getting a drum dial. It tells you how tight each lug is. But then, you might not get the sound you want.

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drumsforlife wrote:\

If you'd like a more "scientific" approach to tuning, then I'd suggest getting a drum dial. It tells you how tight each lug is. But then, you might not get the sound you want.

I got one I helps but I use it after I get close to the sound I want and then match all the lugs!

Also try a higher tunning you might like it better
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definately break in the should do this with all new heads. put the snare on the floor and press down with your palms in the center of the head until you hear popping...thats the glue coming undone. youll still have to play the head for a while to completly break it in though.
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I have a pork pie snare, and but to save time, invest in a drum dial. It is amazing. They are about $60 o or They use tension to help tune your drums. I get amazing sound out of my pork pie and also out of my whole kit. There is so much that the ear can hear, this helps correct the small amounts that the ear cant hear.