Painting Drum Shells

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Post Tue Sep 02, 2008 1:54 pm

eml wrote:My black wrap is starting to come off so I'm thinking about painting my shells too. Tough job?

It's not tough as in the difficulty of work, but to get a truly good finish it does take patience. And a dedicated work space where the drums can sit for about a week or two while you're doing the whole process. You pretty much sand the shell smooth, prime the surface, paint it with a few thin coats until you get the desired finish and then add a few coats of clear poly. I like to lightly sand between each coat of paint with very fine sandpaper. I use 0000 Steel wool to lightly sand in between the coats of poly. After the final clear coat, I wet sand with 2000 grit sandpaper and then take an orbital buffer to it with some 3M Trizact Machine Glaze. It gets pretty close to a professional high gloss finish. Without spraying anything.

I've also achieved a good hi gloss finish with the above process and a spray lacquer from an aerosol can that I got at Home Depot. The trick is the light sanding and the final wet sand and buffing with machine glaze.

wait 24 hours between each coat of paint and poly. patience. halfway through the process it may look like crap, but keep with the clear/lightly sanding coats and you will see improvements.
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^^^ Exactly 123 but try to let the shells rest for 2-4 weeks so the paint has time to properly cure if you don't the lacquer will dent/damage at the slightest perssure, believe me I've done a bass with spray cans and the lacquer smeared because
I put it in the stand.
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Post Sun Dec 07, 2008 10:00 pm

sealer, primer, paint got it that answers my question :D

painting isnt very hard
but if you are new at it, its best to try out on a scrap board or something before you try for the final product

painting with a spray gun is fun xD

HVLP preferably
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