recording to a play back file

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recording to a play back file

Postby Miketh » Thu May 26, 2011 7:02 am


I've recently encountered some trouble trying to record to a track and has guitar, vocals, and click on it. I was given the file as an MP3. I loaded it onto an iPod, and used the iPod as my play back. The drums were recorded into a Zoom R24. When I was happy with the take, I loaded everything into Reaper, and lined up the MP3 file with my drum tracks, and half way through the drums start to get way ahead of everything else, like by a full half beat.

Now, I'm no quartz clock machine on timing, but I know I wasn't a full half beat ahead of the song. Is it the way I was doing the play back? I wondered if maybe the iPod played back slightly faster or something? Basically, is what I've done a horrible way of recording?

I thought about just getting the wav from them and loading that on my R24 and recording to that instead. Would that be a better way of doing it? Is it possible it's something to do with the laptop they recorded on?

(yes, this is all very low budget, lol)
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recording to a play back file

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