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I like a Powerstroke 3 and a felt strip on the underside of the front head on my 24 and pretty much nothing else. If I'm rehearsing in a small room, I may put a little fleece blankie in there to quiet it down a bit.
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My bass drum tuning is pretty open. All my heads are Aquarian. On my 16" and 20" I have American Vintage thins on the batter and DeJohnette's on the front. For my 22", I'm using a Super Kick 1 on the batter and the ported head Aquarian makes on the front.
If I need some muffling, I place a small folded towel against the head right under my pedal. I don't bother putting anything on the inside of any of my drums.

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I only use the emad evans heads. They kick ass and you can change the amount of muffling you want depending on what you are playing. Take it all the muffles off for that booming round kick sound (but sacrifice all your attack). Muffle up both sides and get a punchy, sound (all attack no resonance), or something inbetween.
Be careful about miking your kick. It sounds great if you have a worthy PA, however you really need to have some bass bins or speakers (preferably with large woofers) crossed over exclusively for the low end for a kick mike to be effective. If you are running a small pa you should probably only run vocals and keyboards (if you have them) through your pa. Without a solid (and reasonably large) PA I feel you should run as little as possible through the pa and adjust your amps & PA to fit the natural level of the drums. Running everything through a small pa just mushes up your mix and makes everything sound like crap.
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I use a large stuffed teddy bear. He has a bunch of piercings in his face and his little nose pokes out the hole in the resonant head. I'm sure I could find better sounding mufflers but none that look as cool.
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