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anavrinIV wrote:i would go with epiarch because i really like what theyre doing...not all the flash and hype but i wouldnt dare call them cheaply made or lower quality drums.

The guy who runs Epiarch (Jesse Lizer) goes to the same college as me, and his band plays shows around here... I haven't had much experience with the guy's drums, but I'm not much of a fan of his band... (not that that really matters) but he does make some pretty cool stuff.
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when you say "but" twice in one run on sentence, it doesn't really make sense.
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I have a friend that plays a Pork Pie set... it sounds amazing.
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Truth drums is AMAZING they pretty much invented the chambered snare.
OCDP is pretty sick.
pork pie makes AWESOME snares.
C&C makes cool retro-indie kits.
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I live right round the corner from the only C&C selling shop in the UK (Four Four) They have a real decent 6 piece in there for about £4000, but it's worth the price. I love the way they sound. I'm actually saving for a kit now, but its gunna take me bloody ages.