Bass Drum Size(help)

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Post Tue Apr 17, 2007 7:46 pm

PaulZILLA, Man... You're killing me with the long run-on paragraphs without breaks and no Upper case letters!

I'm interested in what you have to say, but you could make it easier on these 50 year-old eyes of mine if you could break up paragraphs and use CAPS when you start a sentence!

I'm not dissing on you... Just realize not everybody can read those huge blocks of text without our eyes falling out of our heads!
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I have a lot of fast double kick parts in our songs, so I use a smaller but deeper bass drum, one that looks like a cannon. For extra effect, add on a subwoofer bass drum too.
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LOL. Sorry Zen, I dont mean to make these long paragraphs without caps. Sometimes I just get in a hurry or I dont feel like typing proper. BTW, I LOVE your TRICK Kit, I really do love those pedals. I just wish i had the cash to get some. It has been a while since i made this post, and since then I have tested a great many bass sizes and found the size for me is the 24(head)x22(deep). I got lucky and a local shop let me go in and play around with tunings and things, I guess it helps im in there alot anyways buying sticks and things. I found that tuning the larger heads a lil higher than i normaly would. and then tuning the reso to match or just below that tension helped alot and made the sound quite the way i like it. Keep a lookout on here for pictures of the kit, I expect to be done with the bass drum and snare by late June, early July. The toms will follow afterwards. All should look at my thread/post about New Kit Possibilties Info Needed and give me some input. im having design troubles as far as setup.
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20x16 is my favorite size the end!