what can i get for $1000?

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you can get a really kit for under 1k. most good brands, even their medium high end kits go for less.
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yamaha tour customs!!!! great sounding,great hardware!! $1000 for a 5 piece kit..
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Get the New Pearl Vison Series with the new 900 series hardware. the kit sounds great
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This is the problem with most people they save up an average amount of money. When you do that you can ge a pretty average kit, and your selection is limited. In my case i work my as off and do this thing called saving my money, so that my choices arent limited and i can get whatever I want, thats why I play a Tama Starclassic Bubinga kit.

Just save and get something high quality, not just decent.
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TAMA!!! Great deep tone and sturdy as hell! Don't forget to get some good brass. Cheap cymbals make a nice kit sound like crap. Peace.
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