What is this Pearl Export kit worth?

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My parents are moving and I have no place to store it so I am forced to sell my Pearl Export 5 piece kit. I'm trying to get an idea on a fair price as I am trying to sell it all together rather than piece it all out. Everything below is included. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

Drums –
Pearl S1330B Piccolo snare (matte black)
Pearl Regular Steel snare
Pearl Export Series:
2 Rack toms
Floor tom
Bass drum

Cymbals –
Hi-Hats- Zildjian A Rock Hi-Hats 14”
Crash- Zildjian A Thin Crash 16”
Crash- Zildjian A Custom Crash 18”
Ride- Zildjian A Custom Ping Ride 20”
China- Zildjian K Custom Dark China 17”

Stands –
2 Heavy Duty Pearl BC 900 Convertible Cymbal Boom Stand (Double Braced)
1 Heavy Duty Pearl C70W Cymbal Stand (Double Braced)
1 Tama HC33BW Stage Master Boom Cymbal Stand (Single Braced)
1 Pearl H2000 Powershifter Eliminator Hi-Hat Stand (Double Braced) (All Cams Incl.)
1 Pearl Mini Boom cymbal Arm with Clamp
1 Pearl AX-20 2 Hole Adapter Clamp

Tama Iron Cobra Double Bass Pedal

5 Kaces drum bags
1 Kaces hardware bag with wheels
1 Sabian velvet lined cymbal bag

Also included:
Throne – Pearl Black Leather (Double Braced)
Evans Bass Drum EQ-Pad
2 Flexi Hit Aquarian CSH2 Cymbal Stand Springs
Drum Heads – Remo Weatherking Pinstripe
Several tuning keys
Drum sticks and bag
Sabian Cymbal Cleaner
Cymbal Buddy Cleaning System