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hi luke im new here ive been wanting to play drums for a while now and i got a job and am saving for a kit.
i live in austalia can anyone help me one what kits are out there that sounds good but wont cost me a arm and a leg.
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hey! you have to tell us how much money you can give for your kit.

now check this one maybe you will like it: ... -2321.html
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To get started you are physiologist to buy a old kit for around £200 superior I would advise on a Perform APK or XPK or a Genista(may be more valuable) or Pearl export.They are all suitable kits that are goodness enuff to postulate you starboard up to archaic to middle moving gigging.
You should get a commodity 5 textile which would allow vocalizer beat,gin swot 2 mounted toms and a storey tom Hi-hat stands cymbal stands stool and sticks. The somebody set is ebay without a doubt there is e'er sufficient kits there for buttons.Most of them come with cymbals but you may pay a slight supererogatory.You present demand a set of hi-hat cymbals a couple cymbal and a striking cymbal.Thats it.No bushel in purchasing new as the starter kits are enumerate drivel and generally vantage down to bits and quantify **** and dont tune up real intimately quality they believe unoccupied to e-mail me and I can say you whether or not it is a rip off r make any advice on drums/drumming wotsoever.
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its mad if your just starting out buying a new kit...get a second hand kit dude out the classified and a few starter lessons and away ya go..To be a drummer you need good hand to eye co-ordination skills be able to do things with ya arms and Your feet independantly be able to count to at least four. Have a good grip so plenty of practice with the one eyed trouser snake is a must. You must be able to dump ya Mrs when she says it goes or i do you have to show her the door...
And the snare drum is a great divice for resting tinnies there ya go dont spend any more than $150 dollars and you may get some cymbals thrown in too :D