Ddrum Dominion Maple Dominator kit.

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I found this kit on ebay brand new for only 500 bucks. 18x26 bass, 10x14 rack, 16x16 floor, and 16x18 floor. To me thats to good to be true, the seller has great feedback, so its not him I'm worried about, it's the drums. I've noticed that Ddrum's kits are very low priced but they're maple drums with lacquer finishes. Normally drums like that are pretty expensive. So I'm asking if anyone has played the dominion series drums or even this kit? What was your impression of Ddrum if you've ever played them?
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I played one once and was pretty impressed. I have heard that they have a lot of quality issues though.....bad bearing edges, marred finishes and broken lugs. I have never experienced any first hand....just through the grape vine.


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Have a ddrum dominion player kit. Love it. Bearing edges are fine, finish is fine and the lugs are fine.
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I also heard bad stuff about them, but not since they bought Tama's old factory.
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I have a 7 piece Dominion Maple kit (duo fade) and have not had one single problem yet. Had it for nearly a year, play shows quite regularly. I'd say it's a deal man, go for it.

But possum's right, they haven't had any issues since they bought Tama's old factory and what I believe was the majority of those workers. Buy them now, because in a year or two, they're going to jack up the prices because they know people will buy them...they are a helluva bargain for sure.