tama SK superstar hyper-drive 6x for metal?

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Post Tue Nov 04, 2008 6:30 pm

this is gonna be my next set as soon as i get off my ass and get a job, and i need some advice before i drop about 1600$
[the kits actually 1100$ but i was gonna add a rack tom a get a J.J. sig snare] i play anything from Buckcherry rock to Slipknot metal
Here are the specs i hope to get. PLEASE give me adivce & opinions on this set and these cymbals.
- tama superstar SK hyper-drive 6 piece
- tama superstar custom 7x8 rack tom
- gibraltor direct-drive double bass pedals
- 14" paiste 2002 soud edge hi-hats
- 16" paiste rude crash/ride
- 18" paiste 2002 medium crash or zidjian A custom 17 or 18" ReZo crash [cant decide]
- Aqurian super kick 2 on bass/ pinstipes for resonant side/ powerstroke 3 for batter sides
- J.J. sig snare or something else
Seriously, please tell me ANYTHING you know about this shit because i hate buying something and then feeling like a complete dumbass