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I just bought a Pearl Masters MCX 3 piece kit (pictures soon to come) 24 inch kick 13 and 16 inch tom to go with my tama artwood custom snare.

I bought it as a spur of the moment purchase when i saw a 1500 dollar kit on sale for 800 i had to have it so i bought it but i know almost nothing about the pearl master series being a tama/dw guy for so long

ive been looking online like a mad man looking for an 18 x 18 inch floor tom for it (Gold Sparkle) does it even exist and if anyone knows a place where i can get one lead the way.

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I played a kit just like that at one of our Guitar Centers just a few weeks ago. That bass drum sounded thounderous. I believe you can still get an 18 x 16 MCX floor tom for your kit, but I don't think an 18 x 18 is available.