new kit not now but in the future.

Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, DW, Ludwig, Premier, Mapex etc.

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Post Sun Sep 14, 2008 6:51 pm

zen_drummer wrote: wrote:alright if this is what we're doing :wink: :lol:

(deep breath) iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii would want/am getting

two basses 22x20" and 20x20"
because i think the different sizes make double bass sound really awesome
BUT i would use two singles AND a double so that i could choose

axis pedals (trick doesn't make lefty pedals, and i'm a lefty i'm over it now though)

for toms i would get 8" 10" 12" 14" 16"
on the rack would be 10" 12" 8" in that order
makes for really cool sounding fills
floor toms 14" 16"

and a 24x16 gong bass would be fun too

all black satin finish no gloss
matching black satin wood butcher hoops
matte black finished hardware with tube lugs

coated ec2 on all tom batters
g1s on all resos
evans dry on all snares, hazy resos
aquarian sk IIs on basses
fyberskin resos (they look nice)
two 4" port holes off center on each

i'm thinking sjc drums because they do wonderful butcher hoops
with a bunch of medicine man snares cause they're wonderful

saluda cymbals all around because they make my cymbals the way i like them
dark, dirty cymbals with quick decay

gibraltar custom rack with dw 9000 cymbals stands all around
2 remote hi-hats stands
and a few foot pedals claves woodblocks maybe a small foot snare or something
just for fun
stands with aquarian cymbals springs

annnnd i too would like a hydrolic throne

soooo i'm with dose who's buying?

ummm... if you have two kicks, you could use Trick Pedals, because it doesn't matter if they make a lefty if you're using two singles...

So... who's buying this kit for him... anybody.... anybody....

i know dude, axis lefty double but i wouldn't want miss matching pedals
so i'm going to use axis all around
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The way I look at your situation, with 3K if you buy a big say, 8 piece with 2 kicks, you aren't gonna get GREAT quality as you would with a 4 5 or 6 piece with a single kick... I play a 5/6 piece usually with my 8" left off.. They're great quality classic maples.. You should definitely consider Ludwigs :)
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Instead of going with what everyone says best, try out the brands/woods that everyone says are great, but choose what YOU think is best.
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TheYardstick wrote:Instead of going with what everyone says best, try out the brands/woods that everyone says are great, but choose what YOU think is best.

YESSSS.... Good Advice!
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the only bands ive sewen with 2 basses are metallica in videos i have of them in there 90's. i went to lrs fest and saving abel, theory of a dead man , and the bret micheals band all had the exact same drum set up, 1 up 2 down 1 kick and a double pedal.

o and im just doing this to get an idea of what i should do.

I dont really have that much of a chance to try different drums out to see what sounds best to me. I,ve played my kit, pulse, 2 mapexes, and a ludwig kit i liked the ludwig the most out of all of them.
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