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drumming adept
drumming adept
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Post Mon May 28, 2007 6:47 pm

if im jsut getting dust off of mine (since it hasnt left my room yet that seems to get all over it ) i just use a tack cloth. and also im paranoid about scratching the finish so i use a tack cloth again if im going to clean with windex or something like that. my cymbals im too afraid to touch them with anything
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session drummer
session drummer
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Post Tue May 29, 2007 10:43 pm

mapexdrummer wrote:ok guys i love your feedback on anything i ask! cuz i just love learnin! [assholes not welcome] well i just wanted to know how u guys care for your set ie. cleaning shells, lacquer, hardware, etc...this includes cymbals too! i personally dont like cleaning my cymbals...wat do u think?

My Finishply gets the Pledge treament. I use Flitz on the cymbals.
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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As far as cymbals i clean them with a metal/aluminium product i let it penetrate really nicely with a towel or an old t shirt and then five minutes later i clean it again with a clean towel...
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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I use Trick drum and hardware polish with a polishing cloth, and Zildjian cymbal polish.
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