double bass pedal debate

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ive had iron cobras / and dw 5000 / both pedals are great you will not go wrong with either they are both in the same category
dw 5000 are a bit more that iron cobras/ if you have a bit more cash to spare get dw 9000 or axis pedals :) just rember this in about 2 years from now you will be buying either dw 9000 or axis pedals so the way i see it if you have the cash get one of thos 2 but if not get ics or dw 5000 ive gone 250bpm on both so both are very fast later all!
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Definitely go with the Iron Cobras. They're the closest thing to Pearl Eliminators, which is the best pedal on the market in my opinion. DW is overpriced, overrated, and won't last nearly as long as TAMA's products. Again, go with the Cobras.
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Not into all that competetive who's better crap..Just love to have fun when I drum..!! <|:O)
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money should be no object on this purchase, you might even wanna look into axis pedals, even more expensive but you should really only be choosing from dw 9002, iron cobra, or axis, everything else is crap, secondary product. one guy told me once like this..........if you are a heels up player, go with dw, if you are a heels down player,go with cobras.
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In my opinion I'll take anything as long as it has a long foot board. Which is why I really don't like the DW pedals at all. Iron Cobras and Iron Cobra Jrs. Are really good pedals, so are the higher-end Yamaha pedals. That's just my opinion, I like using heel to toe, I can't do that on a DW
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I dunno what's wrong with me, but I really don't like the 9000s.

I own a Cobra, and I love it (minus the fact that the beaters have bruised my shins a couple of times). I've also played other DW's, and if I remember correctly, my favorite was the 5000.

So, I would say go with the Cobras, but then again, I'm not you.
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personally, i own 5002's. i have played everything though, and i find them the best. axis really only works well with triggers in my opinion. the 9000's are very smooth. i am not a huge fan of 7000s. it seems to me, the more money you spend, the less your feet work. i used to have iron cobras, but they broke. the 5000's feel alot like the iron cobras in my opinion, but a little smoother. i think iron cobras or 5000s are your best bet, they arent too smooth, but they arent ghetto and hard to play.
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I've used dw5000 for a while. I currently got me a double bass drum setup. So I find 2 dw5000 pedals are what works bet for me. A single pedal for each bass drum. I'm new to doing the doub;e bass drums. I always manage with one pedal fine with emulating a double pedal effect. Now I can get double the speed. Only reason I went to a double bass drum set up is my friend wants me to play in his speed metal band to fill some hefty feet. I have found it's fun to do a jazz style with them too. Mind you I haven't been able to play drums for over 10 years seriously. Last I really played was 1997 to 1999. Then I had to stop due to my neck. Now I had my neck fixed and just started playing again. In 2003 I had my second neck operation. Took me 4 years to get the strength up to play. I find it the best exercise to get my heart going and get me back in shape with low impact exercise. If you like you can see me play my drums on
Mind it that this is the first time playing for a long time and only less then 30 days of practice. Any input s welcome.
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DW 9002 for heavy hitters
Axis for lighter.

some say the DWs r heavy and some say the Axiss r too light.
i say there is a small amount of truth behind it, but i also say u can adjust the damn thing to whatever u want.
they r both a beautiful piece of work.
costs a lot though, but a very good investment.
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Cobras are good but they wont last as much as DW 9002 will, DW keep their smoothness and they are just better all round i think. If 9002 are to much definatly go the 5002
but most importantly make sure u play on them both b4 makin a decision
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They're both good pedals, but my preference is for the Iron Cobras. Of course I spent my whole paycheck on it, I haven't wanted anything else for the past three years, though.
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I am a proponent of the Yamaha Flying Dragon. Even so, the pedal that I soared easiest on was, I sh*t you not, a TKO percussion double pedal.

But, for your query, I say get the cobra!
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fallensk8a91 wrote:yeah i am new my name is kevin i was debating on gettin dw double bass pedals or should i get cobras the dw are cheaper and i herd they were good from a friend of my who has em but i have played cobras and i fell in love wit em so if i could get some help deciding that would be awesome.

Kevin, if you fell in love with the cobras then go for them!.

The most important thing when you play is that you feel comfortable no matter what.

I've used both, Cobras and Dw's and have no complaint. What really matters here is the technique. If your technique is good, then you'll be able to play with any pedal.

Just make sure to spend time with whatever pedal you buy. Test them, try them, experiment with them, tight'em, then loose'em, learn how they work, what makes them work better and see what adjustment works better for you. Once you find a set up that you feel really comfortable with, wait a couple days and then test them again. You'll find that maybe they are a little bit too tight or too loose.

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get axis if u want speed. no lag cause theres no chain, i dont know why people dont like direct drive, it makes so much sense
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I own and use the Iron Cobra double pedal as well as the Iron Cobra single pedal and I love em! They are a great super smooth, fast action pedal. They are well constructed and an over all heavy duty pedal, for any type of musical application! Well worth the money! Actually, they are very reasonably priced as opposed to the DW's. The ulimate pedal for me would be the Trick Pro1V Double Detonator pedal! But, at over 700 clams, it's a little too rich for my blood.

Just my 2 cents