So which pedal should i go for?

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drumming adept
drumming adept
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I still have my stock ludwig pedal, nothing is really wrong with it, but i feel i can get better speed from a nicer pedal. I was thinking of going ahead and getting a double pedal, but i'm not sure I'm ready for one yet. I've been playing for almost a year now i think and just not sure when to make the switch to a double pedal, i know i will at some point though.

Recommend me some nice single pedals and double pedals. I've been looking at the Axis Longboards, the Trick Pro 1-V's, and the Iron Cobra's. Don't one of the Trick's single pedal's have a kit you can buy to make it into a double pedal? That would be a nice option for me. anyways recommend me some nice single and double pedals, I'd like to keep it around $200-$300.

also ia there much of a difference between the Trick Dominator and the Pro 1-V?
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drumming adept
drumming adept
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Well pedals is a very personal thing so really the #1 best thing you can do is go to your local shop and spend an our or two checking them out. And by that I dont just mean playing them in the stock setup. Take the time to make the adjustments and get them feeling right for your foot.
I tried all the ones in my shop and for me it came down to a Pearl Eliminaor or the Axis A shortboard (I dont play double bass, but both the Eliminator and Axis, as well as Trick offer slave kits to convert from a single to a double). So knowing Long and Mcquade has a no questions asked return policy I bought both the elim and the axis and took the next few days to figure out which was for me. And for me the Eliminator stands out above all others, its built rock solid and is basically 4 pedals in one with the different cam options it offers. Tge Axis is a great pedal dont get me wrong, I just personally cant generate enough power with a direct drive. The Eliminator on the other hand with a Slug collar punch beater I can set it up where I feel like my foots going through the head!! Love it
Hope you find the right pedal man, once you do youll be amazed how much your drumming will improve.
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