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I think everyone touched base on the main point here. Preperation.

I have one drumming student that has confidence issues. She should if she is not prepared. Personally each time I pick up my sticks I do so as if I am sitting at a competion and there are several perople around me listening or I am right infront of a judge etc... Play infront of as many people as possible. Confidence is not an easy thing to gain. However, the more confident you are with your instrument and/or your ability will set the stage for your performance.

I play because I love drumming. Everything else takes a back seat when I am performing. Allow yourself to get sucked into what you are doing and enjoy doing it. Someone stated 95% of people can not tell. They are absolutely correct. Your face and actions will tell all. Just remember you are the professional. You know what you are doing. If you don't feel that way, get your ass practicing.... ;0)

Best of luck!!!


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Just to add my view on this....

Whenever I go out on stage to play, I am more nervous of letting down my fellow musicians in the band than I am of the crowd. We go through all of the sets in rehearsals, and I always think, just as the first number starts, "just like we did last time".
In fact, when I perform in front of an audience, I have a sense of pride that people are prepared to sit and listen to my playing, in the context of the music as a whole, especially if the number is one of those I have written for the band, as I feel much more a part of the music overall.
Relaxation is the key, try to remember that you are there to entertain the crowd, and if they appreciate the music, then it is job done.

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The good ol trick is to think everyone in their underwar!
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good stuff here as usual but some techniques i use have not been said yet. i struggle with anxiety constantly on and off the stage. if being on stage is what is making you nervous, take yourself off-stage mentally and project yourself somewhere else in your mind that is a safe haven or whatever you wanna call it. i always picture myself in my practice space or that im practicing at home because its comforting and its directly related to what im about to do. i either look down at the drums or at my bandmates to reinforce that image.

slow circular breathing (in through the nose, out through the mouth) will go a long way to relax you.

personally, id rather be pissed off than nervous when i have to play and i find sometimes its a lot easier to make yourself angry when youre nervous than it can to be to try to relax. so if none of that works, think about how someone wronged you or how much its pissing you off that you cant control your nerves or whatever will light a fire under your ass. the key to this technique is to not let the anger affect your playing. before you know it, youll realize youre not nervous anymore and hopefully be able to focus more on the task at hand.

another thing to do would be to talk to yourself. not out loud but internally. tell yourself to relax, that there's nothing to be nervous about, that you know what youre about to play like the back of your hand, to stop being paranoid, etc. ask yourself if youre going to control your nerves or if theyre going to control you.

for me personally, trying to convince myself im not nervous doesnt help or even makes it worse. i find that nervousness is like an infection in the sense that the longer you let it go untreated, the worse it gets. so, if you feel it coming on, take action immediately, meet it head on, and do whatever works to make it go away.
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lol well coffee will make you hyper just breath deep and relax that's what i try to do.
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Stage fright. I remember being nervous in the beginning but after playing in front of people many times the feeling mostly goes away. I think it helps to play in front of people a lot. I remember practicing on the fishing pier this morning, people passing by and talking to me while I go through the rudiments. I think it sometimes helps me to converse with people while I practice.

If I am nervous then I go around trying to be more nervous. I amplify the feeling and see where it leads. I figure the feeling might be there because my body/mind wants it there, so I experience it.
I practice outside and lots of people watch
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i dunno if i'm just a very outgoing person, or if i've always just had the right mindset, but i've never been the slightest bit nervous to play in front of people.

going to concerts and seeing my favorite drummer mess up is a treat, if i wanted to hear it played perfectly, i'd go listen to the cd.

if you ever hear kids walking away from the show saying "it didn't really sound like the cd" in a negative context, they're usually the dumbest people ever. in my experience, anyway.
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just get really drunk youll probobly suck but youll think your great i have the same problem but the more i do it the less i care and now i really dont care unless theres another drummer in the room then i get really self concious and i play like crap cause the average person really cant tell if ur good or not but other drummers can thats why i dont worry about the average persons response to my playing cuz even if they say u suck they dont know what there talkin bout and there probobly jelouse so just take a deep breath and focus on ur playin and not the people