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I haven't really been teaching myself to play drums, just learning a bunch of songs. I have a feeling this is a bad habit but we don't have enough money for lessons. I did take drumline so I know a few rudiments. Does anyone think I should just learn online or stop playing until I can find enough money for lessons?
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don't stop playing!!!

maybe some books/dvd's for now, til u can get yourself some lessons
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You already know some rudiments and you were in the drumline, so your technique is probably totally OK? Why not learn the 40 rudiments (the traditional rudiments or whatever)? They're all on http://www.freedrumlessons.com, and there are some other lessons there too. You should also check out what Mike Johnston teaches, search for "Mike Johnston drum lesson" on youtube and you'll find him. Also check out vans drumming on youtube, he has some free lessons there.
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