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How do you become a drum teacher?
I am very qualified and caplible to become one..
But how do you do it?
Do you have to have a licence or someting?
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make up business cards and go to local music stores and tell them you're just starting out. a lot of times music stores have "in house" teachers that usually have a waiting list because their schedule is full. see if you can pick up a student or 2 that dont wanna wait on the teachers list. go to middle schools and high schools and meet with the band teachers and tell them you're giving lessons. any place where musicians gather is where you wanna advertise. at first you're most likely gonna be getting students that either live closer to you than another teacher or the over flow of what another teacher doesnt have room for. also offering to travel to a student house for lessons makes a big differance.
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Everything said above, and look nice. People will be more inclined to get lessons from a clean guy than a rough guy. Dress up casual like, no grungy T-shirts and Jeans. And PLEASE do not wear the "Party Naked" T-shirt that I know we all have. Lol.

Also, let people listen to you play. It would be nice carrying a few CD's or some sort of media that features you, so they know that you are the real deal. Offer a trial lesson where you can demonstrate how much you know, and how much you can teach.

Overall, be a nice guy. I see too many teachers that think they are the shit and can teach everything about anything, but really can't do much when confronted. These are those garage-teachers that bang on a set for maybe all of...six minutes and think they are the next Neil Purt. Don't be like them. Be a nice guy, open to everything, and DON'T EVER be afraid to make mistakes in a lesson. It can sometimes gain more respect, as you make mistakes too, just like everyone else.

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