Mixed Ludwig set (60s/70s) Bass drum hoop help?

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Hey, I bought this set off craigslist yesterday for $300. It's a mixed Ludwig set.. 20" bass drum, 14x14 floor tom, and 12x10 rack tom.. the date stamp on the inside of the bass drum is smudged and I can only make out June 20 19**.... something something. The guy I bought it from said the floor tom alone is worth $200. It's a 14x14 Ludwig floor tom. It has two of the three original legs. Otherwise, didn't know much else about it. All three pieces are from around the same time.. but none belong to their original set.

Anyway, the hoops on the bass drum were this crappy tacked on sparkle red color obviously put on from another set. What kind of hoops do you think would go well with this old rough walnut brown vintage finish? It's very grainy and rough, so I don't think I'd want glossy hoops. Do you think a light maple would look good or should I go for a safer bet.. like metal hoops?

(not pictured is the rack tom. it's in the basement at the moment.)[/img][/list]
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I couldn't get the picture to load. From what I can tell by your description though, I'll give it a shot. Ludwig never made a 10x12 tom until very recently, it would either be an 8x12 or and 11x12 if it's older. What kind of shells does it have, 6ply? 3ply w/rings? Speckled interior? Any badge on the drums? I'd need a little more information before I could put a value on the floor tom, it very well might be worth $200+.
As far as the hoops, I'd go with natural maple finished hoops, they compliment just about any color and give a much nicer look than metal hoops, metal hoops will be less expensive though. Have you thought of rewrapping the set?
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The FT is an 8 lug with BB muffler. That alone could be worth some serious money if it's 3 ply with rings. It would have come from a Down Beat kit.

The only downer is the cortex finish which makes no sense with a BB muffler. I would think re-wrap as the finish wasn't offered when Ludwig did cortex or the muffler was added. Looks like a couple of holes near the bottom which look very suspicious... like it had a throw-off on it. I would check the bottom bearing edge and see if there are snare beds in it. Hey, don't laugh, I've seen it done before. It is reversibile with the bearing edges re-cut.

A good look at the inside of the FT will tell a whole lot. That may very well be vintage...

The BD looks like it's the outer ply of mahogany with a clear coat. That too could be vintage but the legs sure are not, again, a pic would tell the story. The claws are reproductions, the metal hoops could be from anything and tension rods instead of T-Rods.

The tom is a 80's big hair power tom... no way the FT and the power tom came from the same era.

For 300 you did fine. That FT being a 14x14 and a 8 lugger was worth it alone.