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So while working at my old job selling auto parts my delivery driver called in and said he found a set of drums on the side of the road with a free sign on them . I immediately told him to load them up and bring them to the shop . I was expecting a crappy set of drums that I could maybe score some parts from . Turned out to be a blessing in disguise . To my driver they looked like they were worthless with the rust on the rims but I new better . Anyways a mid 70's kit with a 60's Rogers Snare drum still haven't been able to id the maker of the kit although the tom arms and three way clamp are Pearl . All the rims I am going to clean up and have a nice vintage spare kit . Not bad for free .
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Post some pics......... is that Rogers wood or metal?

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Rogers Drums USA

Check this out ... p?t=196158
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ooo, so lucky - no one does stuff liek that in london. its normally broken sorfas or mother in laws.
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thats awesome, soon as i get my license im just gonna be be at garage sales and second hand shops and stuff on the side of the road looking for instruments, that'll be the life
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