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Hey guys. I have finally incorporated electronics in to my acoustic kit. I have an original yamaha DTX set that I took the pads and kick from and placed it around the kit. Everything runs in to the DTX. I really like what I can do with the DTX with triggering loops and the built in sounds. I now want to be able to throw my own sounds in to the mix. Like, samples I rip from wherever and other odd sounds. That's the point to electronics right? :) Anyway, I am not sure what to do next. A friend had a SPDS and I liked that you can load any sound to the flash card and trigger it from there. He now has a Roland SP 404, but I am not sure i need that. He traded so he could control the loop or sound more (tempo, pitch, etc...). I really don't need that. As an example lets say I wanted to pull a sample from the Movie Star Wars (I know copyrights, etc...) Really all I want is to hit the pad and it kick off the sample. Maybe even the ability to hit the pad and kick off the sample, hit it again to turn it off (I know how to do that through the DTX). So, what do you guys use? What would you suggest? I really don't want to be dragging a laptop with me and have it set behind my kit. I am one somewhat of a budget, so please keep that in mind as well. Thanks in advance for the feedback!
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From your description, the SPD-S sounds like the way to go. If you're not adverse to buying used or B-Stock, you can probably get a good deal on Ebay. Also, Zzounds often offers B-Stock specials. Good luck.
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There's one almost new SPD-S for sale here:

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I use the SPDS to make noise samples as well as drum samples
You can use it as a performance pad or trigger the brain through MIDI
If an electronic illiterate like myself can do it them just about anyone can work an SPDS
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