Want to buy a new electronic drumset

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Hey dudes.

First, sorry for my english.

Second, I have played drums for a while now just for fun. Having both real and electronic drumsets. Sold both of them and now im missing it really much! So my question is: do u know wich electronic drumsset fits my requests best?

Not more than 1600 euro
The real sound when i hit them (that those without earphones can hear) shall be silent
I want to get music from the computer in the drumset and record back to the computer
Change so different songs can play for example on the snare (also change the hi hat sound so it become a snare sound)
Want to have at least the basic drumset (hi-hat, snare, bassdrum, ride, crash, and the other three ones (don´t know the english word)

Maby this is standard but i wish that u could help me!

Thanks alot!
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drumming adept
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You can't get much for 1600 Euros in the way of electronic drums. You can make your own drums--look at the DIY sections www.vdrums.com --and buy the cymbals and module and you can do it for 1600 or less. Mesh heads--especially one-ply heads are the most quiet but nothing is totally silent.
Good luck.
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I'm not sure on price in euro's, but the the roland td-12 is what i use, and it's amazing.

Would definatly recommend it to anyone.

May be to expensive for your set budget though.

Peace out
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