Roland TD-20 V Drums......

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TS's are GREAT for home practice....I never found it a problem when I owned my 10's and used them for practice at home and learning from instructors. I am in the market for 20's now that I am in a smaller house, I need them due to room I don't have to drag my acoustics back and forth saving on transporting and set up time! I also plan to use the 20's in very small venues or demo recordings for the band.
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Darrin64 wrote:Ok... I could use some advice... I am considering buying a set of Roland TD-20 V drums. I have tried them and love the sound and response I get from them. May sound crazy but I am afraid that once I start using them, I will have trouble going back to an acoustic set. Has anyone had some experience they could share about the V-drums? Thanks..

You will be absolutely fine! I've been playing the HD-1 which is more like a practice that and when I sit behind a regular drum set I ROCK OUT MAN. That thing is so realistic anyway trust me you will not have a problem.
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