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The Wes wrote:1-- My bassdrum sounds like a cannon. if i trigger, do i have to use the module's bass drum samples, or can i keep my bass drum's sound and just enhance the sensitivity/threshhold so its more pronouced?
2-- triggers are around $20? i thing i might get dome ddrum triggers.... but how much are the modules? my church uses a roland TD-6 kit that is crap, but being poor, i could see if theyll let me use that when we get the new kit (a roland TD-20S). if that doesnt work out, how much are the modules?

I've been learning a great deal about the use of hybrid kits and you are right on for assuming u can beef up the sound of your natural kick by triggering it. Very few drummers use a trigger alone in lieu of a Mic. I have one of the DDrum triggers and its great, very durable and responsive, sturdy mounting too.

Also you might want to research the new roland triggers endorsed by travis barker and thomas lang. I'm blanking on the model, RT somethings?

Depends on your budget and needs.

Modules are pricey, but make sure you only want to trigger before getting one. I wanted the best of both worlds, triggering and sampling, which the Roland SPDS is keen on. However without the use of an added midi triggering device it only supports the use of 2 triggers on top of the nine sample pads built into the thing.

Any specific drum questions are welcome seeing as I work at one of the world's premier 5 star drum shops.
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OK ive read threads till my eyeballs pop out you guys know alot im sure but you all say so can dial uip nice sounds you can stop cross triggering you can get the sensativity right but no one says how lol.. ok im a complete noob i know i have a td20 brain and a mix of roland the old rts for my toms and aDdrum duel for my snare all for my pearl custom masters but the cross talk omg :( we ended up gating each drum to cut cross triggering also i luve my accoubstic sound but ill be dammed if i can make the td20 sound even close to it so my onstage sound is not blending that well with FOH....yes ive been back to the peeps that sold me the brain and they know less than i do ( which is nothing) so is there a help guild or somthing for complete noobs anywhere? or at this piont im sooo desperate that if one of you guys with the knowledge wanted to make a few dollars im happy to pay for some time even if its over the in sort

help needed new sounds for TD 20
setting up existing sounds
how the hell do i controll triggers and trigger settings?

thx in advance :)
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I trigger my whole set becuase i decied to try something diffrent but i use Ddrum trigger and a Rland TD-6V
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As far as triggers and outboard gear go here's my solution. I use an OCDP kit and I wanted a better live sound. It's not that my drums sounded bad, just sometimes they would get lost or muddy in the mix. You all know the hassles of dealing with "sound engineers" at most clubs and venues, especially if you have a big kit. "We don't have enough mics, Do you have to mic everything?" etc. We've all heard it before.

So I ventured out and researched triggers, brains, personal ear monitors and other outboard gear so I have complete control of my monitor mix, including Guitars, Bass, and Vox. Here's what I came up with:

Alesis D4 module

DDrum Acoustic Triggers 2) Bass Drum triggers, 1) Snare Drum Triggers, 4) Tom Tom Triggers


Carvin PM 1000 Personal Wireless Monitors

Mackie CFX 16 Mixer

Mackie 1400I Power Amp

DBX 1215 15-band EQ

Lexicon MPX 100 Effects Processor

BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer

PULSAR 10' 8 CH Audio Snake Cable Gold XLR (F) - ¼

2) Furman PL-8 Rack Rider Power Conditioner

2) Community MVP12M 12” Floor Monitors (So I can feel the Evil too.)

2) Audio-Technica U853A Cardioid Condenser Over head Microphone

You should see the look on the sound guys face when I hand him a L & R cable. He still has to mic the rest of the band for the house PA but I control 100% of the drum sound and the stage monitor mix. The difference is incredible. Plus we can all hear each other on stage without sacrificing our ears, thus we play better and sound better! I know this seems expensive and overkill but if you want to sound like a pro you must have the gear. Good Gear = Great Sound.

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