A Pedal Problem... lol

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Allo all! I'm Ed, and for years i have been craving to try out the drums! Jus recently i took a couple lessons and found it rather... lonesome at home... with no drum set! So, i did the smart thing and looked up some electronic drum kits within my price range. The one i ended up buying is the Ion iDM02, and i have to say, it works really, really well! the only thing i have noticed is that the Pedals, for the Hi-Hat and Base do not work whatsoever, i have tried multiple things, such as turning off and on the machine, unplugging and replugging the cords, and now i am out of ideas.

I am no electric expert or Musical Teacher, but if i would guess, i would say that both pedals are broken, or the machine is reading it incorrectly... any suggestions, opinions or advice are appreciated!

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I don't have alot of experience with those Ion kits but you may want to make sure that the hihat pedal's cable is a stereo cable ( 2 bands ) . If it's plugged into the module with a mono cable it won't register on the module as being open & closed when using the pedal . Not sure about the Kick drum not working . Have you tried using another cable on it to be sure that it's not just a dead cable ?

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