SPD-S - switching drum kits on TD-10

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I'm new to this forum.
And there's a lot of great information being shared.

I'd like to share mine too.

I've searched but haven't found this answer.

Is there anyway to use SPD-S to switch drum kits on TD-10?
I tried to set the AUX2 (in PAD SWITCH) on TD-10 to switch kits, then set the MIDI note on SPD-S for AUX2 MIDI note. This didn't seem to work.

Is it possible to switch kits with SPD-S through MIDI? Or do you need a pad to AUX or a foot switch?

TD-10, SPD-S, G4 Powerbook, Appleton Live
TD-10, SPD-S, G4 Powerbook, Appleton Live
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