SJC Custom Drums 20" or 26" Bass Drum 12"/14" Full Set

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SJC Custom Drums Set
Your Choice of
20"x15" OR 26"x12" Kick Drums
12"x7" Tom - No Mounts / 14"x14" Floor Tom w/ Legs
6 ply Maple
1 of a Kind!
Flat White Jawbreaker Confetti
Super Tough Formica Laminate Finish
w/ Radio King Beavertail Lugs 50% offset
All Lug Springs Have Been Replaced With Vinyl Inserts
In Perfect Condition
I've played and Recorded with this kit for about 3 years, Had the new 26" kick made for me in 09' especially for Vice Squad U.S. Tour

Great For Recording and Gigging!

The condition of the kit is perfect, there are no scratches or blemishes to any part of the kit. This kit is basically brand new and would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2200 - $2500 for the three pieces depending on the kick size chosen. It's an amazing set of drums, made by one of todays most popular drum manufacturers for an amazing price, I don't really want to sell them but I have to so I'm taking a loss on them to move forward. Thanks!
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22" is the standard and the Don but depends on how you dampen it and how you mike it and the beater type. Wood felt plastic..and the strength of the drummers kick pedal and the drummers leg pushing it. What pedal you use can determine speed and volocity..From my experience a 20 or 18" give you a tight funky sound down tune it and you get a loose dry or wet feel. 22" give you scope to go either way tight funky or big and loose so its small tight middle either way and 26 is for show. 26" used by John Bonham you get into the realms of boom,acoustic Reverb and overtones rather than tightness. Deeper resonance is more difficult to control and dampen or get a dry tight sound..the thickness of the ply also adds definition and a solid bass drum means less rattle.. you also change the sound by the types of head you use...It takes experimentation and time to get the ideal sound using anything from foam to pillow cases to blankets to any material you can get your hands on..just remember the golden rule the tighter your base drum sound in a room once it gets miked live the more Reverb and Effect can be enhanced by a good sound engineer. I use a Custom Premier Genista Bass drum which is a lot deeper than a standard one. i use a Remo muffler on the kick skin and a double beater pad self addessive a pillow filled with foam. I use either a AKG D12 or T-Bone bass mike.
For my Vintage Rogers 22" Standard bass drum I have block of two inch foam on the lower half of the bass drum. And the same mike system...yet both are very different in sound and construction although the Rogers is thinner ply and not custom it sounds deeper due to the construction a more live kit The premier is birch tight and sweet for the studio or live ...