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My back does not allow me to play much anymore, but I was in a working band previously, and have lots of equipment to let go of. Asides from what is on ebay, which is a whole lot of cymbals, and a few parts like double bass pedals and microphones, I have a beautiful Tama drum set for sale to anyone who can pick it up here in Noblesville, Indiana. I'll have more information on the drumset at a later date...

If you like Zildjian cymbals, especially the A Custom series, then you should take a look at what I am letting go on ebay (to the highest bidder or BIN). I have a complete set of A Customs, including China, Ping Ride, Projection Crashes, and more!

My Ebay Auctions:

I will offer FREE SHIPPING to anyone who wins one of my ebay auctions that has a drumsmylife account. Make sure you mention this during checkout. :)

PS, I have more stuff besides what is on ebay, and am willing to trade for non drum stuff. Just ask if you are interested in making some deals.
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Here is the drum set I will be selling shortly, it is a real good set!



I bought a Tama Superstar SL52F (Custom Scarlet Fade) fusion kit and then added a floor tom to make it rock harder. When I got the floor tom I basically had to buy another tom with it, so there are actually 6 toms total :). The set was maticulously cared for and is in excellent condition.

    1 SLB22E - 18" x 22" Bass Drum
    1 SLT10A - 8" x 10" Tom Tom
    1 SLT12A - 9" x 12" Tom Tom
    2 SLT14A - 11" x 14" Tom Tom
    1 SLF16D - 16" x 16" Floor Tom
    1 SLS55 - 5.5" x 14" Snare Drum

Here's the scoop on the TAMA Superstar Custom SL series. THey are basically the top of the line intermidiate level (<$1200) drums by Tama, having many features of the Star Classic (>$2,400) series.

Product Details: Tama Superstar Custom Fusion 5 Piece Drum Set (Custom Scarlet Fade)

Tama Superstar drum sets feature birch shells with a basswood inner ply fitted, are available in three different series:
• Superstar SK, which features standard covered finishes
• Superstar EFX SX, which features vintage covered finishes
Superstar Custom SL, which also features a lacquer-finished outer ply of basswood.

All Superstars feature zinc die-cast hoops and the Star-Cast mounting system. Also notable is use of high-tension lugs, which have been updated with a low-mass, low contact design Tama calls “Sound Bridge.”
Birch & Basswood Shells
• Bass Drum: 7ply, 7mm
• Tom Tom, Floor Tom & Snare Drum: 6ply, 6mm

Tama's highest priority feature when developing the new Superstar series was sound. Superstar shells use birch for the main inner plies for strong projection and aggressive open sound. To enhance Superstar's great looks, basswood, with its excellent consistency and regular grain patterns, is utilized for the inner plies on all Superstar shells as well as the outer plies on Superstar Custom SL. Precisely cut bearing edges bring out the great response and powerful resonance of these superbly crafted shells.

Die-Cast Hoops
No other drum embodies pro features at an affordable price like Superstar.
In a first for this price range, Superstar is equipped with the same zinc die-cast hoops featured on Starclassic drums. Die-cast hoops not only make tuning easier and more consistent, they also provide crisp attack, clear and resonant highs, and much more powerful rim shots.

Star-Cast Mounting System
All Superstar rack toms are fitted with the same Star-Cast Mounting System as Starclassic drums. This unique system offers total tom isolation and unhindered shell resonance without the adverse effect on tuning or complicated head changes found in less advanced suspension designs.

Sound Bridge High-Tension Lug
The Sound Bridge high-tension, low-mass lug was specifically designed for Superstar. Sound Bridge's unique structure looks much like a traditional high-tension lug, but the body of the lug "floats" over the shell to minimize shell contact so the drum can resonate to its fullest. However, Sound Bridge still offers all the benefits of the traditional high-tension lug: it offsets the tension of the batter side and bottom side heads, reduces the stress on the shell, and provides greater protection to the drum shell during transport.

Power Craft Drumheads
All Superstar's "Power Craft" drum heads ensure a great sound practically right out of the box! Batter side heads are made of Dupont Mylar film for richer tone and grea ter durability. Ring mufflers on bass drum heads remove the need for extra internal muffling.

Quick-set Tilter
All Superstar's catalog kits come standard with upgraded Roadpro cymbal stands.The toothless "Quick-set" cymbal tilter lets you adjust the angle freely and hold it in position by the friction of six metal disc plates instead of gears. You're completely free to adjust it to any angle you desire. This mechanism also has a more durable structure than the conventional gear tilter
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