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okay, so im planning on expanding my current single kick 7pc to a double kick 7pc (drop the 8x8 rack tom) but i cant find a 22x18 m birch kick in trans purple ANYWHERE. i found one on ebay, a few months back "new out of the box" with a $210 buy it now, and the day before i was going to have the money it was gone. sad day lol, but if anyone knows of anywhere other then mapexsuperstore.com, musiciansfriend.com, guitar center so on. they have the 5pc shellpacks, but i dont remember which box the kick itself is in bc that would help alot.

either looking for that or someone looking to off a 6 piece 2-22x18 kicks, 12x9rack tom, 13x10 rack tom, 14x11 or 14x12 or 14x14 floor, and a 16x14 or 16x16...also would go for a 16x16 and 18x16 floors trade or resonable parting please, brand preferred mapex. but of course tama, ddrum, peace (d.n.a. peragon preferred but lets see whats up) ludwig (depending) and mabey even pdp (no popler, i havent like the popler kits ive had) are welcome. or a 7pc with sizes above and either a 14x7, 13x6, 13x7, pork pie big black, B.O.B, pearl firecracker or popcorn snare. wouldnt mind playing two snares again but not a must. or if anyone has a m birch fusion 5pc in trans saph, trans emerald(non fade), trans cherry(non fade) or even trans black with a 22x18, and want to see what we can come up with for the kit that could work too and the i could just mix match every other drum everyother color. also the 6 pc studioease w all suspended toms in either trans black, trans saph, or trans cherry (non fade) could be a possibility.

looking for a new or like new 10" zxt fast splash 14"zxt trashformer as mine bit the dust about a month ago also a sad day.
looking for mapex/tama/higher end pdp (i have one that the set screw for the legs stripped out and the lower hight adjuster some how contorted and no longet adjusts) covertable and boom stands aswell. Gibralter /tama boom clamps welcome also. a gibralter/pdp two/three sided rack. sorry im picky but arent mostly all of us? and if your looking to sell and not trade might have to work out an payment plan or something.
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