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SmellsLikeIan wrote:
FatherTime wrote:The peppers that burned a path trough me were about 1/4 inch log and pointed.

Ok quick recipe:

Fresh Jalapenos (25)

Cut off the stem end and remove the seeds... I use a butter knife in a cork screw motion to de-seed under running water.

Stuff it full of creme cheese

Wrap it in a strip of raw bacon covering the open end secure with a toothpick.

BROIL not bake (important) them in the oven. turn them after the bacon is cooked on one side. peppers need to get soft so don't under cook.

Remove from the oven cool and eat... MMmmm Good!! You can thank me later.

My singer swears he created that recipe. But he uses all kinds of cheese, not just cream cheese. And he does it on the grill. I like them with cheddar or marble jack.

I love that recipe. We make them during the super bowl with a pot of chili!! YUM! Peace on ya!
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