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drumming adept
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Post Thu Aug 21, 2008 1:02 pm

SGarrett wrote:
TheLoneGunman wrote:
nightcrawler_steve wrote:Ask yourself this...

You are meeting, Jason Bitner, Chad Smith, Gadd, or the like... Would you say, "hello my name is (insert your name here). I am a (professional, semi-pro, weekend warrior, hobbist, etc.) drummer and I have admired your work for a long while. I think this puts it into proper perspective.

I would say hey I'm a professional drummer from the KC area, I'm a huge fan of you and I'm totally not worthy but let's play some drums. I kinda did that to Derico Watson. Who is very nice btw.

I mean no offense by this, so please understand. :)

You aren't a professional musician, man. You're a gigging musician and quite possibly a semi-pro.

Actually what I am is a horrible drummer who needs to spend more time practicing and less time talking on message boards. :D

Listen, I know who I am, it doesn't matter if you agree, this is a non issue. I've said what I think. I've talked to plenty of people who in your definition are professionals, that agree with me. Listen man, I believe what I believe, you believe what you believe, it's all good bro. Sometimes I think some people on this board feel like they gotta win. Let's make like Fox news, be fair and balanced and let the people decide, lol. I'm done with this thread.

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Post Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:41 pm

The way I look at it is: music is my profession, so that makes me professional in a literal sense. I'm not the bee's bollocks when it comes to playing, but it's how I earn my keep and I'll look at it that way.

Though people are obviously taking it different ways, which is all good really. There isn't a right meaning.
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