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Originaly started in 2001, released our first album in 2003 - singer/songwriter/guitarist James spends sometime in university and travells abroad for a couple years. Move forward to 2005, he comes back, moves to Toronto, we get it going again. Add a new guitarist (Jon). Spend many countless rehearsals with the 3 of us putting together songs that eventually developed into the album we are currently recording. What seemed like a year of doing this, we finally found a good fit for a bass player (Rich), add a percussion player (Sean) and start gigging again.

Come time to record, the idea to add horns to the album snowballs into the addition of Trumpet (Mike), Trombone (Dean), and Sax / Flute player (Katherine) to the band full time. What was once very folk / hip-hop influenced becomes a mash of the mentioned, along with funk and swing elements.

And here's a taste, song is called "Throw It All Away", features solo bits by each member, and a nice little drum / percussion jam.


Feedback is welcome, no need to comment on some tuning / pitch issues, we know...
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Good stuff...I like it! P.O.Y!
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