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hey guys im giving a friend of mine drum lessons. he can alredy play drum set, but i really want to develope his hands the thing is i know a bunch of techniques but i dont know were to start today i just started with the free strokes but i just want to make sure im teaching him the rite stuff in the correct order. i dont want to give him way to much to learn so heres what i got so far just for hand technique it goes it order of easyest to hardest so please give me ideas and things im should add to make it complete remember this section is ONLY for hands no feet or independence yet just hand technique

Hand Technique: Intro to drumming/hand technique, philosophy and thoughts on technique, practice schedule, holding sticks/ different grips, free stroke/ rebound 8th’s, dribbling basket ball feel, open close/ Gladstone technique, open close hand exercise, double beat exercises, accents and taps, importance of accents and taps, Moeller technique, getting multiple strokes out of rebound, intro to rudiments/ proper ways to execute each rudiment, stick heights, dynamics, dynamic control, sound quality, rudiment combo’s, drumline exercises, hybrid rudiments, rudiment grid/displacement, one handed roll/ Johnny rabb rim roll, Ditty.

thanks guys :)