high quality drumless (mp3 320Kbps, optional click track)

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high quality drumless (mp3 320Kbps, optional click track)

Postby Rango » Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:26 pm

hello, all!

not long ago a whole bunch of original songs "minus drums" (drumless) - Metallica, Blink-182, RHCP etc., - have appeared on forums, torrents... the problem was - almost all mp3s that I downloaded were not good in terms of quality: low bitrate, sometimes distortion (peaks, pops), mono where it should be stereo, etc. I asked myself where did they come from and is it possible obtain better quality... ok, I found out.. they leaked from Guitar Hero and Rock Band games series (multitracks).

last months I did a lot of research and now I know how to re-mix and re-compress any of these tracks in pristine quality - almost like a CD... key features, that I implemented, behold:

- use of in-game data (internal Rock Band files) to properly balance 13-14 mono-channels (pan to the left, right, or mid) and attenuate them (i.e. guitar should be -3.0 dB softer, vocals -1.7 dB or vice versa)
- in-game tempo-map gives oportunity to add metronome
- a decent resampler, when source tracks are not in 44.1 kHz (all Guitar Hero games, for instance)
- all processing go with 32-bit float precision
- normalization after mixing (this prevents clipping and detail loss)
- encode final mix at 320Kbps mp3 without audible loss

voila! ) to be honest, it is not so easy and takes about 15-20 min of working (especially if you want click-track).

as you see, I learned to make drumless songs with click-track, this is useful for recording and practicing. Also I can make drum-part solo's (only drums), for fun or study (you may hear interesting nuances in performance when all channels, except drums, are muted).

yes, I am a computer geek ) congratulations are accepted ))

here some examples of my work, try it
Code: Select all

this is a pack of 5 songs:

Coldplay - In My Place
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone
Metallica - One
Oasis - Wonderwall
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow ((Hey Oh))

please, give me feedback... thank you!
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high quality drumless (mp3 320Kbps, optional click track)

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