New drummer trying to find decent training material

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Hi all.

New drummer as of Christmas. Never played drums or counted a beat in my life before 4 days ago.

This is now day 4 and I am loving drums just as much as i expected, but not the automatic prodigy I hoped to be (j/k i knew i would be terrible :) )

But I am in my mid twenties now, and never played drums before anyhow, so it should be an interest path. Since I am also a hobbiest programmer I am keeping a live video journal online of everyday I train, and the results.

The real trouble is the myriad of training material out there, some of which seems like pure garbage, and others that seem decent. If anyone has advice on that I would love feedback. I plan to try many different tools over the course of my learning to see which ones work better or worse.

  • Drumming System (Mike Michalkow and Jared Faulk)
  • Learn and Master Drums (Dann Sheridan)
  • Random YouTube'ing

I already am forming some opinions based on teaser videos of the instructors, and purchases a beginner's pack of lessons from If you're curious to see how that training session went, or want to follow my progress, OR give feedback on my approach, etc (please) than check out the new [url=""]site that will journal my learning the drums[/url].