Things you hate at gigs

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Post Mon Jan 29, 2007 11:59 pm

The one time i dont bring a rug to the gig its a wooden stage...bass drum slid everrrry where. that sucks.
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Post Tue Jan 30, 2007 4:33 am

Turned up to play a support slot for a Thin Lizzy Tibute band, wasn't warned that the headlining drummer is left handed, which caused no end of bother to the sound guy, and then trying to make the kit playable to a right handed player with out moving too much of the guys kit. Sinse then I've never assumed that the kit I'll be using (if it's someone elses) is right handed, and always mention it if someones going to be using my kit.

But the golden rule at gigs for me is to anyone not involved in the band "Touch not lest ye be touched"

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Post Tue Jan 30, 2007 11:25 am

When you have band members and /or club owners asking you to 'tone it down' even though the place went apeshit when you did your thing!
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Post Tue Jan 30, 2007 3:39 pm

tearing down
setting up
mic check
bad sound guy
small stages
tearing down
moving again
setting up

. . . . . . I'm lazy LOL
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-when u dont have room to backline

-when u do back line other drummers screw with ur gear.(sitten on ur thrown, playen ur snar with there hands, screwen with cymbals, pointing out the obvious.)

-other bands set up/breakdown in front of wer ur bands backlined.


-drummers who show up with nothin and expect to borrow ur gear.
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Hmmmm. Number one is when band members cannot count for themselves. It's true that we keep time but if I decide to double stroke the hi hat you should still be able to count it out.
The guy that always knows more about the music I have written than I do.
Of course the drunk who thinks it's cool to sit down and try to play my drums after the show.
My favorite though is when somebody tries to tell me how to tune my drums when they are playing beat up bible pages for heads and duct tape holds their kit together while not noticing that the drums that I am playing are made by the drum company that I own.
Singers that perch on a kick deserve to be stood on as well so they can see what it feels like.
The sounguy that mounts the mics where I have no choice but to destroy them with my sticks during the show. I usually have a great sound man but when you gotta play a little venue and it's some 20 yr old punk who knows it all and actually hurts my performance and makes me look like a fool for playing crappy sounding drums. So soundguys I am your worst nightmare.

I once had a bass player put his guitar through my resonant head and all the way through my batter on my kick drum. I was super pissed until I saw that he sheared all of the tuning machines off that nice fender p bass!! DRUMS ALWAYS WIN!!!! LOL

Stupid people are fun to laugh at!!
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Post Wed Jan 31, 2007 5:24 pm

Well, I suppose I should add my few bits:

1 - crappy sound guys

2 - people who think Im a showoff because I have a big set (thats just how I like to play, and its my problem if I have to move it all offstage by myself)

3 - bands that act like they are all that (we actually had a band say "we want to thank all the other bands for opening for us" really obnoxiously, before WE were up. They also sucked)

4 - Idiot sound guys. We were playing a gym, and we had a PROFESSIONAL sound guy come in as part of the group that was putting this on. Not a single mic on the drums???? WTF???

I don't mind having to move all my stuff offstage by myself, really. The style of music we play requires a larger set. As for the bands I play keyboards in, I have a deal with the drummers. I play with a rack system on my keyboards, which means I have two or three keyboards plus amp. Its impossible to pick up a keyboard and keyboard stand at the same time. The drummer picks up one end and I pick up the other, and we carry it offstage. I am more than happy to help him get the set offstage in return.

Back to the soundguys thing. A rock-music summer camp I go to does a live recording at the end of the week at the concert. The sound guy f*cks it up SO MUCH, we started a band that will cover all the GOOD songs from the camp and re-record them MUCH BETTER.
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i hate it when you are carrying a bass drum and some cunts are walking very slowly infront of you or a few pissy fuck emo kids have asked me for a hand shake and a photo when i am carrying a bass drum. cant you emo fucks see that both hands are occupied.
now if someone talks to me when i am carrying stuff out unless they are an amazingly hot chick i would ignore them. i know its "asshole-ish" but they had the chance to talk to me when i came off stage. not an hour later when im leaving and packing up.
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Post Fri Feb 02, 2007 9:33 am

screamkevin wrote:Things I hate at gigs:

-Any request to play "Wipe Out".
-Any request to play "Freebird".
-People that ask for a every single show.
-Non-drummers who want to sit in to prove that they can play...And they can't.
-Drumming advice from guitarists or bass players.
-Singers who don't help with load-in or load-out, and who complain because it takes you so long to set up.
-Girls who come onstage to dance and touch your cymbals with their hands.
-People that don't even ask permission and just sit down at your drums.
-Singers who decide that it would be really cool to stand on your bass drum(s).

You hit it right on the head ( pun intended )

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1- Soundmen who don't know how to mic a front bass drum head with no hole (I refuse)
2- No room to set up
3- No time to set up (my entire setup takes about 90 mins)
4- Uncooperative management not allowing youi to set up special stage presentations (I use video)
5- FOUR BAND BILLS (30 mins is not enough time to get the point across, especially at 9pm)
6- Getting booked with "formula" bands (especially if I have nothing in common with them)

Since I do everything myself and I have my own PA, I try to avoid clubs alltogether
Besides, I'd rather play for 50 people that want to see me than 200 people who just wanna drink and pick up chicks
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hmmm where to begin

being the healining act (admittedly small gig) turning up an hour before the other bands to setup the kit, doing the sound check

then coming back to the kit when its time for our set, and everything has been moved, and not having enough time or light to reset everything

thats the worst for me, everything else just fits under minor annoyance

but yeah the lefty thing is also annoying, and i have vowed to never play on the directly before or after a lefty again (you awkward bastards ya)
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Post Mon Feb 05, 2007 12:13 am

1. - Using someone else's kit.
2. - No set-up before getting on stage.
3. - broken cymbals during sets.
4. - broken heads during sets.
5. - people trying to play my kit.
6. - People who "I must join the band" of.
7. - Bleeding...even though it is entertaining.
8. - back sweat.
9. - but the number one worst thing ever would have to be bad sound tech. bad bad sound tech, so I cannot hear the rest of my band out of the monitor that is supposed to be playing next to me.
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Post Mon Feb 05, 2007 1:26 am

-that dont like your music, but insist on coming to a show.
-people who dont appretiate you're music.
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Snotty sound people or people that own the PA's that get the arse ache with you when you ask to move the speaker in front of you to next to you so you can hear what your playing to!
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i hate when one band takes off and takes 90% of the crowd with them that happend at my bands first gig! the other part was that they where a really shitty post hardcore band, i have nothing against post hardcore, its just that they really sucked!

my other pet peeve is getting a shitty pay check! we made $21.00 at a show once!