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Has anyone done, watched or heard of this type of performance? A friend of mine is doing this tonight. It opens up possibilities of playing with/for others where travel is not an option (e.g. financially, logistically, etc.). I've done a couple of internet concerts before, but this is at a much higher level.

Dear All, Greetings! Below is a performance announcement for a group I have recently joined - the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse

The performance will take place in the online virtual reality environment Second Life and will be shown live at the Directors Lounge Media Arts Festival 2008 in Berlin

Sunday February 10, 2008
5:00PM EST

The performers in the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse are telematic - I will perform through my avatar Weave Noyes from my studio in New York, other players will perform through their avatars from studios throughout Canada, Europe, and Japan. We will be co-located online in virtual locations in Second Life, and projected live at the festival in Berlin.

If you have a Second Life avatar and would like to view the performance, our starting location is a virtual underwater oil platform:

For complete event information please visit: ... in-10.html

Best wishes,
Second Life art at Directors Lounge Berlin - 10 Febr., 2008
curated by Olga Wunderlich

On two nights during Directors Lounge, the media art festival during Berlinale, we will present art from Second Life in Berlin, live at the venue in Friedrichstraße. The events will be inworld events which will be show live in the cinema in Berlin.

• SL one • Live from Second Life Sunday 10th at 11pm (Sonntag, 10.2. 23 Uhr)
Performance and Installation Art live from Second Life

Featuring a performance of the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse AOM, we will visit three Second Life locations. Followed by a visit of the sparring philosphers, "ZKM Circle" (Karlsruher Kreis) at ZKM island. Introduced by Herwig Hoffmann. And finally a performance of Second Front.
Curated and guided by Olga Wunderlich

We will first meet with AOM on an oil platform on a sim, which is all under water, and which belongs the Linden Lab itself. AOM will play two compositions and then we will be teleported to the performance space of Pomodoro Bolzano, And after that, we will visit ZKM island, where AOM will play their last piece in and around an artificial mountain surrounded by a lake, thus having the audience fly around in order to listen to the music.

Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is an orchestral formation in the virtual online environment Second Life, exploring its interactive possibilities. With new networked mediaformats like Second Life composer and performer of experimental music get new possibilities of creating works that contain open, interactive and possibly infinite elements, set into perspective conventional practices of creating and performing music and provide ideas on how to challenge the traditional division of functions as composer, performer and listener.

Like orchestra players of contemporary music, the AOM performers play compositions of different composers (mostly AOM members). The playing musicians use different instruments and follow strict or loose guidelines, sometimes given by a conductor, and sometimes more open to the creative use of the individual musicians. The instruments, which are scripted objects the performers wear, are actually played live in Second Live, thus allowing the performing artists from different countries and continents to play together music that is generated in Second Life. As the players move around space and the audience, different audience members hear or receive different impressions of the played piece, dependent (like in Real Life) on how close they are and how they move between the musicians.

For complete event information please visit: ... in-10.html
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