anybody know where to find any good jon hiseman vids?

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Post Fri Feb 08, 2008 3:11 pm

a solo would be nice...haven't found any solos by him on youtube...just a few clips of him playing with Colosseum, Tempest and his wife's group (Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia). Amazing player, one of the seminal influences on jazz-fusion drumming.

Here's him with Colosseum II in the late 70's. Gary Moore on guitar ripping it up. Notice the WEIRD drums. They were made by a company called Arbiter back in the 70's. They're made out of fiberglass. There were no tuning lugs as such: the rim screwed down onto the head to tension it. There was a single tuning lug that controlled this process. They called them AutoTune drums. I've never seen a kit in the flesh, but would be interested to try them out. They're supposedly loud as hell.

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And here's another pic of Arbiter Autotune drums (notice the tuning mechanisms on the left hand tom):