Serious Stage Injuries ?

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Post Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:29 pm

dang dude that sucks for him, the only injury my singer had was when he jumped off a stage in some theater and fell down and hurt his leg i think he got a scar too.
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break the prism wrote:
Empyrean Drums wrote:
okjohne wrote:Denver dude is right. Set rules. I find subtle inebriation can be useful for the creative spirit. If remembered. A music school guy playing metal? Hard to understand. Please tell me it's progressive w/ "singing".

What's so hard to understand?

Yeah...I'm not sure I understood that post either.

I've gotten some pretty crazy injuries. I remember when I was first starting out my band was playing a show and I broke two fingers by slamming them between the stick and the rim of my snare. Blood exploded from my hand and got all over my drum heads and my kit. I had just stained it.
And three years ago these guys had my kit set up 8 feet above the ground on scaffolding. Every time I hit the kick the thing shook like hell and I thought, "Man, I'm gonna be toppling over before the end of this show"
Sure enough I was right. Our second to last song the entire apparatus crumbled to the ground in a heap of metal and human. Broke a leg and two ribs.

that sucks!! dont mean to sound an insensitive prick...but how'd your kit hold up?
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ya thats why you dont get wasted till after the show